Support for products we have designed

This page contains support information for users of our designs.

Abstract / AVR / MAD / VRX User manuals

We can also provide circuit diagrams for most Abstract products for servicing/repair purposes, please contact us  stating the serial number and model type of the product.

You can ring us for telephone help with Abstract or AVR products: 01482 241981.

For current model AVR products, visit the AbstractAVR website:

We do not supply spare parts for Abstract products. For spares, contact Lektrix (Tel 0116 286 7700)
or call AbstractAVR on 0116 278 8078 and ask for Spares Dept.

CE Range manual: Covers Futurescan 1CE, 2CE, 3CE/CED, Gladiator CED, Gladiator 1CE, Twister4CE, Colourflood, Moonscan, Moonray
(PDF, 1547K) Download

Galactic Star addendum to above manual: (PDF 33K) Download

Twister4 HP manual: (PDF 286K) Download

Galactic Moon CE manual: (PDF 119K) Download

Colour Changer CED manual (PDF 131K) Download

Roadie series manual: Covers LS1, LS2, LS3 (PDF 301K) Download

CE Controller (Club64) manual: (PDF 512K) Download

Compact Controller (Club32) manual: (PDF 483K) Download

MiniController manual: (PDF 32K) Download

Clubshow controller (Club16) manual: (PDF 129K) Download

Futurescan II/III controller manual (black panel with 1-6 buttons) : (PDF 350K) Download

MAD Range manual: Covers Mad Spin, Scan, Powerflower, LED (PDF, 1993K) Download
Note: For Mad411 range fixtures, go to

Raving Mad controller manual: (PDF 754K) Download

Extreme range manual: Covers FX1, FX2, FX3, FX4 (PDF 605K) Download

Extreme controller: (PDF 974K) Download

VR8/VR8R fixture manual: (PDF 326K) Download

VRX fixture manual: (PDF 862K) Download

VRX controller manual: (PDF 732K) Download

VRX Fiber Optic Light Source manual: (PDF 168K) Download

VRX PowerLED manual: (PDF 115K) Download

AVR Colourmaster Downlighter manual (CMD16): (PDF 28K) Download

AVR Colourmaster Controller manual (CMC08): (PDF 29K) Download

AVR LUD36 1Watt Ledion power supply manual: (PDF 2.5MB) Download

AVR LUD48 1Watt Ledion power supply manual: (PDF 160K) Download

AVR LMD04 Ledion 4 way driver: (PDF 48K) Download

AVR LMD08/LMD16 Ledion 8/16 way driver: (PDF 33K) Download

AVR Ledion controller LMC08: (PDF 43K) Download

AVR Ledion panel manual: (PDF 24K) Download

AVR Ledion controller for LUD36 unit: (PDF 15K) Download

AVR Arcscreen / Lightscreen: (PDF 45K) Download

Support / fix information

Clubshow controller: How to set the dip switches on the fixtures (PDF 5K) Download

Compact controller: How to set the dip switches on the fixtures (PDF 125K) Download

CE controller/ Compact controller (Club 32/ Club 64) How to change the back up battery to a rechargeable type (PDF 22K) Download

VR8: How to get into motor trim mode (PDF 59K) Download

AVR LMD04/08/16 Analogue 0-10V control connections (PDF 306K) Download


PC software for Clubshow / Club16 controller (Zip file 2.08MB) Download

Firmware for Clubshow / Club16 controller (Hex file 18K) Download

Factory default programs for Clubshow / Club16 (csc file 70K) Download

Ledbuddy software and manuals

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Latest PC software (exe 900K) Download

PC software manual (pdf 420K) Download

Ledbuddy panel manual (pdf 120K) Download