What we can do for you

  • Design for manufacture - If your product is to be mass-manufactured, we know how to optimise the design to give you the most reliable, most economical product with the maximum list of features. We can arrange for manufacture of the unit through one of a range of trusted subcontractors, or pass the design back to you for manufacturing.
  • Bespoke equipment design - At the other end of the scale, if you require a one-off system, we particularly enjoy the challenge of producing a specialised piece of equipment to solve your problems. This may be a finished unit, or an add-on circuit board or module to address a particular problem. We can install and commission equipment.
  • Product design - Some clients use us as their "R&D" department, allowing them to get on with selling the product while we handle all the demands of the design process, including packaging and documentation. We can usually offer a speedy "time to market" and can offer a technical support service for users of the product.
  • Subcontract work - Make use of our skills in CAD, PCB layout, PCB prototyping, assembly, software design, web integration etc. in your own projects.
  • Sound and lighting industry design - We have strong links with this industry and are experienced in the design of DMX-512 based systems, stepper motor control, LED fixtures including Lumileds, LED power supplies, lighting control consoles, communications systems, wireless control and audio processing equipment.
  • Product documentation / manuals - All our projects are completed with full documentation. However, we can also write instruction manuals and tutorials for your existing products. We specialise in making complicated equipment easy to understand with diagrams and plain english.

Please give us a call and we will talk through your ideas.