User guide for lighting console

sapphire2000.gif (25335 bytes)Avolites lighting consoles are to be found controlling the show at many major events worldwide, and Sabre has been working with them to write comprehensive user manuals for the consoles for the last ten years.

The manuals are created in the Avolites "house style" with step by step instructions and plenty of diagrams and pictures. We aim to make manuals easy to read, and work closely with Avolites' software engineers and training staff to ensure that every aspect of operation is covered. This often involves taking the console a to a real event and operating the lighting to ensure we've got to grips with how it works.

The resulting manuals can be over 100 pages and are produced by Avolites in a handy A5 wire-bound form. You can download the manuals as pdf and read them for yourself at