Sample jobs

These pages aim to give you an idea of the type of projects we have carried out for clients in the past. Here is just a small selection from our portfolio. Click on the image for more details about the design.

Some clients wish to remain anonymous. We will not normally advertise our involvement in a project unless the client agrees.

Product design: PADD. A touch screen handheld device with optical sensors for medical professionals to detect and measure Peripheral Arterial Disease.

Product design: Interactive touchwall. A touch-sensitive multicolour LED panel for special needs applications.

Product design: LUD48 power supply. A DMX-512 controlled power supply to power AVR's range of Lumiled LED-based architectural illumination fixtures.

triv2.jpg (2422 bytes)Interactive artwork: We designed and built a large scale audio spectrum analyser display for artists Michael Trainor and Lee Donnelly.

triv2.jpg (2422 bytes)Hardware & Software design: Interactive museum exhibit for "Beside the Seaside" museum, Bridlington. The visitor tries to answer questions about Bridlington, encouraged by audio clips and flashing lights.

clocksml.jpg (2312 bytes)Bespoke equipment design: Large digit clock for Improved Reading Centres UK. A 10 minute stopclock with sunlight-viewable display, used for reading tests in classrooms.

sapphire2000sml.jpg (1918 bytes)Documentation: Pearl Expert lighting console manual for Avolites Ltd. The Pearl Expert is one of the most widely used lighting consoles in the entertainment industry, and required a comprehensive user manual.

LED bubble artwork: We worked with artist Andy Hazell to create an animated bubble artwork for a children's hospital.