Chris Ford
Chris handles customer relationships, pcb design, product design and system integration (making everything work together!) He is famous for his hairstyle and for coming out with unconventional ideas which work very well.
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Direct tel: 01482 241983

Tim Mitchell
Tim works mostly with microcontrollers, software and digital electronics. He is also sometimes to be found writing instruction manuals. His trademark is making microcontrollers do things that everyone else says is impossible.
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Direct tel: 01482 241981

Dave White
Dave designs all the complicated analogue circuits and power supplies that nobody else can get to work properly. He can do amazing things with individual transistors which would normally require multiple integrated circuits and has a thing about Land Rovers..
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Direct tel: 01482 241982

Neil Howson
Neil is our expert on Linux, networking, object oriented programming, PC applications, and data acquisition/video processing. He is never seen without his coffee mug.
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Direct tel: 01482 241984