Product design: PADD

We were approached by Greaves Best Design, an industrial design company, to design the electronics and software for a project they were working on, PADD.

This device, concieved by Dialog Devices in Loughborough, is a handheld device to detect Peripheral Arterial Disease (which currently cannot be detected without a lengthy hospital procedure).

This was a complex design involving an ARM7 microprocessor, 4.3" touch screen, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, USB docking cradle, an innovative visible/infrared sensor and signal processing and recording circuitry.

Using our top-end CAD package we provided 3D files of the electronics. This enabled Greaves Best Design to perform a virtual check of physical fit of the electronics into the casing prior to prototype production, saving both time and money.

Working closely with Greaves Best Design for user-interface design and housing, we produced a series of working prototypes for evaluation and finally for a clinical trial.