Interactive Exhibit Design

We have designed a wide range of interactive exhibits for museums, working with graphic design associates. We specialise in fully-electronic interactives with few moving parts, for low maintenance. Where possible we use LED lighting to avoid lamp replacement. A wide range of interactive techniques are available, from push buttons and fixed lamps, to touch-screens, projection, sound and video playback, proximity sensing, RFID tag detection and more.

Custom design
It is sometimes best to custom-design the electronics behind the interactive exhibit as this can give the best operation. We offer a speedy design and build service to create and fabricate the exhibit.

Universal modules
We have a standard control board which we can provide off-the-shelf, using custom firmware to provide operation to your requirements. Multiple units can be linked using a serial data link for more controls. It can also control the audio modules.

Audio module
This module provides CD-quality digital playback of audio and may be triggered either by up to 8 switches, or by the universal module. Audio is stored as MP3 or WAV files on a micro-SD card which may be downloaded from a PC using a USB cable. Stereo power amplifier on-board for direct drive of speakers. Fully digital, no moving parts. The module can also record from a microphone or line source for interactive operation.

Interactive exhibit renovation / repair
Using our pre-designed modules, we can often renovate or repair worn out and non-functional interactive exhibits at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Please contact us for more details about these products.