Working with artists

We enjoy working on unique projects, and none are more unique than those brought to us by the world of art. Each artwork brings its own set of requirements and challenges and we are proud to have been involved in a good number of projects in this area.

With increasing emphasis on dynamic artworks that interact with their environment, we have found that our services are more relevant than ever and we feel that, as a small company, we can offer the individual attention that each work requires.

Unlike a lot of companies, we are comfortable working without written specifications. We have found many of our customers, not just those who are artists, have a very clear idea in their minds, but would find it difficult to express those concepts in technical terms. We are very used to bridging that gap; taking time to talk through the aims of the project and working with clients to understand their vision of the finished article. We can then suggest ways that electronics and software can be resolved to meet that vision.

Working in this way is especially useful for artworks, as it keeps the artist in control, but frees them from the burden of dealing with the technical minutiae. Instead they can chose their level of involvement. In turn we can bring our expertise in sensors, control circuits, LEDs and microcontrollers to offer solutions that can bring the artwork to life.

Please follow the links below to see examples of a couple of the works we have been involved with.

        Andy Hazell - Electronic Bubble Tube
        Michael Trainor & Lee Donnelly - EQ:NQ

If you have a project that you are interested in talking to us about, you can choose your preferred method of contacting us here.