Custom Arduino Shields

Need a custom shield designing to add a certain function to an Arduino board? No problem, we have extensive experience with the Atmel mega device used on the Arduino Uno boards and can quickly design a circuit board to provide the functions you need.

We can also design and make shields for the Arduino Due board which uses an Atmel ARM Cortex-M3 device.

If you only need one or two units we can make them ourselves, otherwise we will get them made for you (or give you the manufacturing data so you can get them made yourself).

Please contact us with your requirements and we will quickly get back to you with a price.

We can also write software for Arduino projects. This can be anything from a full application to some "get you started" code which you can then modify yourself. We give you all the code we've written using the Arduino programming environment so it is easy for you to make your own changes to it.