Company history

Sabre Technology was started in September 1993 by Chris Ford, Tim Mitchell and Dave White, three Electronic Engineering graduates from the University of Hull. We had spent all our spare time at university creating, operating, improving and repairing the student union's stock of sound and lighting equipment. We particularly enjoyed the creative and problem-solving aspects and we hoped that we could make a business from offering these services to others.

Initially, we were mostly repairing and installing equipment in the East Yorkshire area, and also designed small electronic gadgets for a number of customers.

Our big break came in summer 1995 when we started working with Abstract, at that time the leading manufacturer of club/disco lighting in the UK. They were looking for someone to design the electronics for a new range of lighting products. We produced a very successful hardware and software design which was used in over 30,000 products worldwide, and created a strong working relationship with Abstract which still continues today. 

As well as this, the company continued to steadily produce an increasing variety of designs for other clients, including one-offs for exhibitions and sculptures as well as designing for high volume manufactured products. After 15 years in the Newlands Science Park within the Hull University campus, in 2019 we moved to a larger building in Woodmansey just north of Hull.

Sabre is still run by the original founders. We believe that the unique nature of the company is best served by remaining small and flexible.